The Wild Cow – Nashville, TN

Nashville has a wide assortment of great restaurants to check out, but the best ones which I have been to are located outside of downtown. In the eastern neighborhoods of Nashville, the Wild Cow is a great option for some great, local food. The Wild Cow is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant which does everything possible to get its produce from local vendors. In addition, a lot of the ingredients used in their dishes are organic.


While I was searching for some local restaurants to visit for my road trip to Tennessee in December, I came across the Wild Cow, and I noticed that the restaurant was highly rated. I like to try to get out of my comfort zone periodically, and as a non-vegetarian, I decided to give the Wild Cow a try. I arrived before lunchtime, and I already could see a lot of people inside the restaurant eating. As I had my DSLR camera strapped around my neck when I entered, the hostess asked right away if I was a vlogger. After I told her I was, she did everything possible to give me a very good seat to where I could easily look over at the kitchen area as the chefs were preparing some delicious dishes. That was very nice of her as I knew it would make my vlog even better. After looking at the menu, I decided to try the sweet potato and black bean tacos with corn tortillas.

Fortunately, I did not have to wait too long for my food to arrive. I saw two perfectly-cooked sweet potato tacos filled with sweet potatoes, lime slaw, black beans, and pumpkin seeds along with a side of black beans with some vegan sour cream. As I knew the tacos would still be hot, I decided to dig into the side of beans first. The black beans tasted very fresh and warm. I was really happy to taste warm black beans. I have been to other restaurants where the black beans were cold, and I feel that black beans taste much better warm. That was already a plus for me. I then took some bites into the tacos, and they were so warm and delicious! With the sweet taste of the sweet potatoes with the black beans inside, I did not miss the taste of beef, chicken, or pork. I admired the fact that the restaurant finds clever ways to present a vegetarian or vegan alternative to great foods normally known to have meat in them.


That meal certainly filled me up. As I ate the last bite, it felt like my digestive system got a detox as it felt fresh afterward. I received the bill, and the prices were affordable. I definitely got my money’s worth for the great food. While I walked back to the parking area to the side of the restaurant and stores next to it, I knew that I had just visited my favorite restaurant in Nashville. I highly recommend checking out the Wild Cow in Nashville even if you are not a vegetarian. With the kind service and fresh food inside, you will not be disappointed!

Check out my video review on the Wild Cow on my YouTube channel!

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