20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Hey everyone, this is Scott (or the Scottman). During the day (or should I say the work week), I work in Information Technology (IT). However, at all other times, I invest my time in travel-related interests (and even some video games here and there, too). For a very long time, I have always enjoyed traveling to different places dating back to some of the camping trips I used to go on with my family. When I was in elementary school, I was interested in three things: the weather, video games, and maps (or geography). The world atlas was one of my favorite books when I was growing up. As I have gotten older, I finally have the opportunity to explore new places and head out on great, new adventures! The adventure is only beginning!

In May 2009, I started my YouTube channel, Scottman895 Travel (although I added the word “Travel” to my username in 2015), which contains my different travel videos. Back in 2009, as I already enjoyed checking out different places, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I film my adventures and provide commentary along the way?” After that moment, Scottman895 Travel was born! From 2009 to early 2014, I filmed my different adventures throughout my home state of Michigan as well as my frequent trips to Colorado and PAX East, a popular video game convention held annually in Boston, MA. However, they were not filmed as frequent as I do videos now. In the middle of 2014, I really got hyped about travel, and I check out different places very frequently whether they are in Michigan, in the rest of the United States, in Canada, or in the world. I made my first overseas journey back in 2015 to both Germany and the United Kingdom. Since then, I have been to 12 countries so far with most of them being over in Europe. As I speak, I am already planning which country to visit next. As you can tell, I am always on the go, and I do not like to be in one spot for long!

On my YouTube Channel, you will see the following type of content:

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Travel Vlogs

Since I first started my YouTube channel, I have visited many cities, towns, parks, and countries. Through my travel videos, I share my experiences with the world as well as travel tips. I also film travel guides to help travelers and tourists discover fun things to do and see in many cities, towns, and parks. I enjoy checking out popular places as well as discovering different hidden gems or places which many people have not even heard about.

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Driving with Scottman895

This series features another aspect of travel: road travel. With my GoPro Hero 5 Black mounted to the dashboard, I show off some cool journeys on many different highways whether it is a country drive or a major freeway in a city. I also enjoy filming a driving tour around a particular community. I have even taken this series overseas as I have filmed driving videos on highways in Canada, Croatia, and Montenegro as well as the autobahn in Germany.

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Scottman895 Travel Delights

Another great aspect of travel is the food. In this series, I check out a local restaurant, and I eat some delicious food in the process. It is a way to help promote local restaurants (many using local ingredients) to give them more publicity in a world with many franchised restaurants. I also review the experience from the food to the service. This was an idea I had back in the spring of 2015, and I am glad I have started these series of videos! I am getting kind of hungry now!

In my blog posts on this website, I will be sharing both my current and my past travels here as well as detailed experiences of the different restaurants I visit through my Travel Delights. Every adventure has a story to tell, and my adventures are no different! Who knows, you may want to go out and travel the world, too! Thanks for visiting this website!