IMG_9649Hey everyone, this is Scott (or the Scottman). Ever since I was very young, I have had a huge passion for travel. I have always enjoyed traveling to different places dating back to some of the camping trips I used to go on with my family. As I continue to travel, I have gained a lot of experience and skills in travel which can help you plan trips of your very own.

In May 2009, I started my YouTube channel, Scottman895 Travel which contains my different travel videos. Back in 2009 and the early 2010s, I produced a lot of content around my home state of Michigan as well as different places around the United States such as Colorado, Massachusetts, and Ohio along with day trips over to Ontario in Canada. I made my first overseas journey in 2015 to both Germany and the United Kingdom. Since then, I have been to 13 countries so far with most of them being over in Europe along with a trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2019. As I continue to travel around the world each year, I continue to gain more and more travel knowledge while enhancing my videography and storytelling skills. Even while you are reading this, I am already planning which country to visit next. As you can tell, I am always on the go, and I do not like to be in one spot for long!

I have a huge passion for photography and videography as I capture my experiences to share them with the world. My YouTube channel, where all my travel videos are viewable, has over 5500 subscribers and over 32,000 views a month. The content I produce includes travel guides and vlogs highlighting my adventures and provide tips on how you can not only plan a trip to a particular destination but also inspire you to get out and travel for yourself.

On my blog I share with you some travel tips and guides for planning the best trip to a particular destination in Michigan or anywhere else in the world.  My mission is to ensure that you go out and have the best trip as you go out to explore our wonderful world. With my experience in travel, I am committed to providing the best guidance out there to help guide your travels.

On my YouTube Channel, you will see the following type of content:

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Travel Vlogs

Since I first started my YouTube channel, I have visited many cities, towns, parks, and countries. Through my travel videos, I share my experiences with the world as well as travel tips. I also film travel guides to help travelers and tourists discover fun things to do and see in many cities, towns, and parks. I enjoy checking out popular places as well as discovering different hidden gems or places which many people have not even heard about.

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Driving with Scottman895

This series features another aspect of travel: road travel. With my GoPro Hero 5 Black mounted to the dashboard, I show off some cool journeys on many different highways whether it is a country drive or a major freeway in a city. I also enjoy filming a driving tour around a particular community to help people see a particular city or town to help people get a first-person feel to a place. People have used these videos to help get an understanding of a destination which they may be moving to. I have even taken this series overseas as I have filmed driving videos on highways in Canada, Croatia, and Montenegro as well as the autobahn in Germany.

20160904_114209-e1543521614265 Scottman895 Restaurant Tours

Another great aspect of travel is the food. In this series (originally called Scottman895 Travel Delights), I check out different local restaurants, and I eat some delicious food in the process. It is a way to help promote local restaurants (many using local ingredients) to give them more publicity in a world with many franchised, chain restaurants. I also review the experience from the food to the service. This was an idea I had back in the spring of 2015, and I am glad I have started these series of videos! These videos help travelers decide on the best spots to get some great, local food while in a particular destination based on my experiences. I am getting kind of hungry now!

My mission is to help you plan the best trip by using my travel experiences through my blogs and vlogs to ensure that you have the best time filled with memories which will last a lifetime.