Where I’ve Been

I have been to 17 countries and 46 U.S. states so far, and I plan to visit more of them! The countries shown below in blue are the ones which I have visited up to this point!



Austria is such a beautiful country with plenty of history and scenery! I went back in 2018, and I was able to visit Vienna and Salzburg as well as visit the ski resort of Saalbach-Hinterglemm during the fall and check out the Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf bei Salzburg located about a half hour north of Salzburg.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina easily has some of the best scenery in all of Europe! I have been to both Mostar and Sarajevo as well as a quick stop in Trebinje in Republika Srpska. Some of my highlights include the drive from Mostar to Sarajevo with the many mountains, enjoying some ćevapi, and looking at the old bridge in Mostar at sunset!


I have been to Canada many times as I live very close to the border between the United States and Canada. I have been to Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia so far, and I would love to visit all of the provinces someday! I have been to many cities in Ontario including Windsor, Sarnia, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Kingston, and Ottawa (I still need to visit Toronto). In Quebec, I have been to both Gatineau and Montreal. In Alberta, I have been to Banff National Park which is absolutely beautiful! In Nova Scotia, I have been to Halifax along with Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, and Burntcoat Head Park.


Croatia is a must visit destination in Europe, and I was able to go there in 2017! I have been to Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Plitvice Lakes National Park. There is nothing like sitting by the Adriatic Sea at sunset as it is quite peaceful! I would like to check out Istria and Split in the future!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic or Czechia is an incredibly beautiful country to visit in Central Europe. I was able to go in October 2021 to explore the city of Prague as well as make some day trips over to Kutna Hora and Terezin. Prague is one of the most picturesque cities in all of Europe especially with the views of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge!


Germany is the first country outside of North America which I have visited. I have been to Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg back in 2015 and then to Munich and Berchtesgaden in Bavaria in 2018. I really enjoyed checking out Stuttgart, and I would love to go back someday! I also would love to check out Berlin in the future!


Indonesia is the first country in Asia I have visited. I went to Bali in September 2019 as part of the first ever BvS Video and Photo Retreat hosted by Brendan van Son, Greg Snell, and Nellie Winter. Bali is quite an amazing island with many beautiful temples and waterfalls. I would love to explore more of the country in the future!


I finally got the chance to visit Italy for the first time in October 2022. I was able to spend a couple days visiting the city of Rome where I got to check out many historic Roman sights such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon. I also went on a huge food tour where I got to eat some great Roman dishes including one restaurant where I was served a full course meal without a menu!


Montenegro may be a small country, but it is quite large for amazing beauty! I only went there as a day trip from Dubrovnik back in 2017, but the Bay of Kotor is amazing! I went to Kotor, and I got to walk up the trail up the mountain for some of the best views I have ever seen in my life so far!


On my way to Austria in 2018, I had a 24-hour layover in Amsterdam. Although I was only there for a day, I was able to walk around the city and see the many canals throughout the city. The city has a lot of amazing architecture and history. A must-see in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. If you decide to go, make sure to buy tickets online well in advance! On a future trip to the Netherlands, I would love to check out some of the other Dutch cities!


In October 2022, I visited Serbia for a week. I based myself out of the capital city, Belgrade, which has a lot of great museums, parks, and restaurants. Belgrade is quite an affordable city with a lot of great history. I also took a day trip to the city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina which is such a beautiful city!


I was able to take a day trip from Vienna over to Bratislava which is only an hour away by train. Bratislava is a very picturesque city with its delicate old town and amazing views from both Bratislava Castle and the UFO Tower. Make sure to also try some authentic Slovak cuisine if you get a chance to visit Slovakia!


Slovenia is one of my favorite countries in all of Europe which I have visited so far. I have been to both the Slovene capital, Ljubljana, and Lake Bled. I enjoyed getting to walk along the shoreline of Lake Bled as well as take one of the pletna boats over to the island in the lake with the many views of the mountains in the distance. I would love to visit Slovenia again someday!


I have only been to Barcelona so far located in Catalonia, but the city is absolutely beautiful! From the Sagrada Familia to Park Guell, there is so much to see and do there. It is also a great place for delicious food especially its tapas bars. As each area in Spain offers a unique experience, I would love to visit more of the country in the future such as Madrid, Sevilla, and Granada.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is such an amazing country to visit! I was there back in 2015. I have been to England and Wales (only to Cardiff) as well as Scotland very briefly. In England, I have been to Bath, Hadrian’s Wall, London, and York. During my visit there, I also got to go to Holmfirth which is where the British sitcom “Last of the Summer Wine” was filmed. There is a lot more of England I would love to check out as well as Scotland from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands!

United States

I was able to visit the United States for the very first time back in 1988. Of course, that is because 1988 was when I was born. There is so much to see in the US! More information on the states I have been to may be seen below:

Vatican City

The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, and I was able to walk into it from Italy during my visit to Rome. I was able to go inside St. Peter’s Basilica as well as check out the Vatican Museums which is home to the Sistine Chapel.

United States of America



During my road trip to Tennessee back in December 2018, I briefly drove through the far northeastern corner of Alabama when I was driving from Chattanooga to Nashville as I wanted to take a more scenic drive than just travel on I-24. I would love to visit the cities of Birmingham, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa someday.



I have only visited Arizona once, and I was able to go there for a business trip back in 2014. I was only in the Phoenix metropolitan area, but I was mostly in Scottsdale. The old town in Scottsdale is quite nice to check out. I have a cousin who lives in the metro area, so I was able to see her during the trip. I would like to check out more of Arizona in the future!


I have not had a chance to explore much of Arkansas as of right now. It has been primarily a drive-through state during my travels between Michigan and Texas. However, I would like to check out Little Rock as well as the more mountainous areas in the northwestern part of the state.


California has a lot of great beauty in the state due to its abundance of state and national parks. I have made two trips so far to the Bay Area (2015 and 2018), and San Francisco has a lot to see. The Pacific coast is a must-see! I would like to check out other areas in the future such as San Diego, LA, and even Yosemite National Park!


Colorado is one of my favorite states to visit in the United States! I have been all over the state from Denver and Durango to Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Estes Park, and Vail. The hiking is absolutely amazing with the fresh air!


As a part of my road trip to New England in 2016, I was able to visit the coast of Connecticut. I have visited both Old Saybrook and New London. Due to the rich history of the New England states, the scenery was really impressive!



Florida is a popular vacation spot for Michiganders like me. However, I had never visited Florida until 2012 when I had a couple of business trips down to Orlando. In 2018, I was finally able to go for something other than work. I got to see the historic city of St. Augustine as well as Daytona Beach. There are so many places I would love to see in Florida. I even need to make a trip to Orlando to check out the theme parks (Disney World and Universal Studios)!


I went to Georgia for the first time in 2019 as I went to Atlanta for Memorial Day Weekend. I got to visit the convention called MomoCon as well as check out different sights around Atlanta from the College Football Hall of Fame to Little Five Points.


I got to visit Chicago back in 2011 as a part of a work trip. Although I was only there a couple of days, I got to check out the northern section of downtown especially along Michigan Avenue. I also got to get a great view of the city from the top of the skyscraper at 875 North Michigan Avenue! I need to check out more of Chicago in the future!


I have visited Indiana a few times due to its proximity to Michigan. I have been able to see Michigan City, South Bend, Bloomington, and Indianapolis over the course of a few years. There are some great parks in the state as well including down in the rural Brown County located east of Bloomington.



I finally got a chance to visit Kentucky back in 2017 for a weekend trip. I was able to see Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort. Although the trip was very wet, it was really fun to explore each of the different cities!


As of right now, I have only been able to drive through the state while traveling between Michigan and Texas when I was a kid. However, I would love to go visit New Orleans!


I have not gotten to see much of Maine, but I was able to visit Portland and Cape Elizabeth during my New England road trip in 2016. One of my favorite parts was checking out the picturesque view of the lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth!


I have been to Maryland several times in the past several years for many different reasons: for work, as a part of my Mid-Atlantic road trip in 2014, and for MAGFest in National Harbor. I have primarily been to National Harbor, Annapolis, and Baltimore (primarily to see Fort McHenry). Annapolis is quite a beautiful city!


Boston is easily one of my favorite cities anywhere! I have made several trips to the city whether it was to check out PAX East a few times or to take in the great historical sites throughout the city. Boston also has great spots for food! I would love to check out more of the state itself including Salem and Cape Cod.


Michigan is my home state, and there is so much to see here! Michigan has some great cities and towns from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Muskegon to Frankenmuth, Traverse City, Marquette, Holland, and Tawas City. Michigan has so much natural beauty to see including (but not limited to) Sleeping Bear Dunes, Tahquamenon Falls, and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. No trip to the United States is complete without a visit to Michigan!



New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina


With how close Ohio is to Michigan, I have visited the state just about every year. I have gotten a chance to see Ohio’s different cities such as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Canton, and Toledo. Ohio also has a lot of great parks and attractions such as Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Cedar Point, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

South Dakota is a very beautiful state! I got to visit both the Badlands and the Black Hills with my aunt, uncle, and my cousin. The Badlands have a lot of very cool rock formations and is great for hiking! A trip to South Dakota is not complete without visiting Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and the perfectly perfect pies at the Purple Pie Place in Custer!



When I was 5-8 years old, I used to live in Houston. Texas is a really awesome place with so many things to see and do. I have been to Houston many times as well as to Austin, San Antonio, Rockport, and Corpus Christi. You must try some Texas barbecue when you are in Texas!





West Virginia

Just like what the state motto says, West Virginia is wild and wonderful! I have been able to visit different parts of the state from Parkersburg to the area around the New River Gorge. The New River Gorge is a must visit location with all of the great mountains in the area and amazing views!