I have showcased here a few of my videos featuring some of my finest videography. These videos have been filmed and edited by me to help guide travelers to better experience a particular location from discovering new foods to places of interest people may be interested in learning more about. My goal is to have travelers and tourists become more familiar with different destinations to hopefully have such places gain more exposure and more visitors.

Testing Out the BENRO FIF28CIB2 Tripod in Holland, MI

I recently bought a brand new tripod, the BENRO FIF28CIB2. I visit Holland, MI, a popular city in western Michigan, to try out the new tripod by photographing some amazing spots around Holland including a self portrait along Lake Macatawa.

What I Have Learned in 10 Years on YouTube

I have been producing video content on my travel channel on YouTube for 10 years. To celebrate, I wanted to take an artistic approach by creating a story where I travel to Zilwaukee, MI where I filmed my very first travel video to take a photo of the Zilwaukee Bridge using my tripod. While I set up the tripod, I provide a voice-over of everything I have learned as a traveler since I uploaded my first travel video on YouTube. After taking the photo, I provide more reflections and thanks to my supporters live with my camera still mounted to my tripod.

Scottman895 Travel Delights: Street Food in Vienna

I enjoy getting to try the local food in the places I travel to. I normally visit restaurants, but I wanted to capture a different perspective through street food. In Vienna, I highlight some popular foods you can order from the different stalls around the city as well as the market popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Detroit Metro Aiport – McNamara Terminal

Navigating airports can sometimes be hectic for travelers whom are trying to catch their flight. I created a travel guide video for people to show what the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport has to offer from restaurants to ways to navigate the concourses.

Charlevoix, MI: Tranquility Along Lake Michigan

Charlevoix is one of the many great communities along the Lake Michigan coastline in Michigan. I show off the different things you can see and do in Charlevoix as well as a state park located just west of the city with absolute tranquility along Lake Michigan.

A Quick Guide to St Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is one of the oldest European-settled cities in what is now the United States of America. In this video, I highlight the many sights and attractions which can be visited in and around the city as well as some tips including parking.