Brown’s Diner – Nashville, TN

The Music City is not only a great place for checking out the country music scene on Broadway but also an amazing city for satisfying your appetite. While there are many restaurants located right in downtown, the best restaurants are the ones frequented by locals. In fact, if you are unsure which restaurant to visit in Nashville, ask a musician or singer who lives or spends a lot of time in the city. Recommended by country music singer Vince Gill, Brown’s Diner is a great local spot for a meal.


Located in the Belmont/Hillsboro area of Nashville about several miles south of downtown, Brown’s Diner is a great diner serving up some great food. The front of the restaurant contains a bar area, and the back is the dining area. As I sat down at one of the tables, I noticed that the only people in the diner were all locals. I knew right then that this was exactly what I was looking for – an eating establishment off the beaten path and away from tourists. The menu contained different items such as burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, and different dinners such as chicken tenders and catfish. As I had not eaten chicken tenders in a long time, I decided to order that for my meal.

Eventually, my meal had arrived. My plate had some delicious looking chicken tenders looking very crispy along with a side of French fries and a plate of coleslaw aka the “Scottman Classic” as I like to say. The chicken tenders also came with some honey mustard sauce on the side. I always like to dig into the coleslaw first during a meal. The coleslaw was absolutely delicious, and it had a perfect amount of dressing in it. Good coleslaw in my opinion should have some dressing but not to where the vegetables are drowning in it. Next, I had a few French fries. Although they were cooked very well, they were very plain without any seasoning. For the fries, I needed some ketchup to go along with them; thankfully, some ketchup was on the table.



Last but not least, it was time for me to chow down on those delicious chicken tenders. I took my first bite with a little bit of honey mustard sauce, and my taste buds were in heaven. The chicken was very warm, well-breaded, very crispy, quite tender, and absolutely delicious. The sauce made a very good pairing with the chicken tenders. My late grandfather would have loved this meal as he used to love chicken tenders. They were so good that I ate every single bite of them. In fact, I do not know if it was just a coincidence, but one of my chicken tenders was in the shape of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan!


If you are looking for a great restaurant and hidden gem in Nashville, Brown’s Diner is the place to go. Not only the food was really tasty, but the service was very friendly and the prices were very generous. Who knows – maybe you will spot Vince Gill there! As it is several miles south of downtown, you will either need to have a car or have an Uber or Lyft take you there. If you drive to the diner, there is free parking available behind the restaurant. Make sure to add Brown’s Diner to your list of Nashville Restaurants to check out!

Check out my video review on Brown’s Diner on my YouTube channel!

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