Scottman895 Travel Website Revamp

Hey everyone, this is Scott, and I am happy to announce that my website has gone through a complete transformation! A while back, I had created this website to share my different blog posts of my travels for people everywhere to read. However, I was very unsatisfied with how I had designed the original website. I also wanted to have other cool features with the site such as being able to showcase some of my YouTube videos or show where I have been in the world. I was not able to figure out how to implement these features on this site. As a result, I was very reluctant from making any posts to the website.

Old Homepage 1
This was how the old homepage used to look – not very inviting!

There are many blog posts I would love to add in the near future, so I made the decision to not only revive the website but also to make some significant improvements. However, I knew I would not be able to do this myself. I teamed up with my very good friend, Rachael, to help me turn this website around and make it more eye-catching. Rachael is a very talented web designer who has previously worked on a complete transformation of the website for the company she and I work for. In fact, she continues to manage that to this day. As I was extremely impressed with what she did with that website, I knew that I could trust her do a tremendous job with revamping my site.

Scottman895 Travel New Website
This is the new homepage – look how much better and presentable it is!

With the new website look, I not only have the same pages from before (my About page, my blog page, and the Contact page), but I now have some new pages as well. The homepage has a quick intro to the site and photo-links to my most recent blog posts which will automatically update as I continue to make new posts. The blog page itself is much more appealing as all my posts are in a grid-like format with a photo from each.

I have three new pages I would like to talk about. The first page is for my Travel Delights blog posts. I do not have anything there right now, but I would like to expand my Travel Delights videos by having a coinciding blog post where I talk about the restaurant and review it. It is another way to help promote local businesses and give them more exposure. Once I start making Travel Delights-related blog posts, the page will begin to populate. I also have a page highlighting a view of my YouTube videos which showcase my videography skills as I continue to produce more video content. Last, I wanted to show all the countries and U.S. states I had traveled to so far as well as quick information about each country and U.S. state based on my experiences. As you can tell, I still have more information to enter for each state except for the few I have now.

Every page on my website has a very cool banner with links to all pages as well as a very cool, updated logo for Scottman895 Travel designed by Rachael herself. The bottom of every page has information about my YouTube channel including my trailer (I need to get that updated as that was filmed over 3 years ago) and links to my social media. Last but not least, I finally purchased the domain name,, as I wanted to have the URL be something more professional.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Rachael for transforming my website into what it looks like today. She has done an amazing job, and I cannot thank her enough for her hard work. She was able to take the requirements I gave her for the new look of my website and not only fulfill them but also go beyond what was asked of her. In addition, she also showed me how to maintain some of the more difficult features to manage on the site.

The website looks absolutely fantastic, and I feel that I can now start making new posts again and share my love of travel to everyone beyond my videos and social media. Again, I want to thank Rachael for her efforts and for being such a great friend!


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